In today’s world, we all understand the need to give.

It’s rare these days that people can listen to the daily news without feeling sad, confused, or even appalled at the amount or suffering in the world, our country and our communities. There is much need for Non-Profits focused on making a difference. But managing a successful non-profit is just like running a business, and just like any business it needs a strong vision, prudent planning and experienced guidance.

At the Financial Architect Network, we recognize the significant need to give back to our community; it’s our civil and Christian obligation. In addiiton to giving to charities, we also realize that our professional experienced can help non-profits plan for success. As an organization, we help non-profits develop strategies to:

  • Strengthen relationships between donors and the causes they value
  • Implement plans to encourage donors to leave lasting legacies through unique planning options
  • Enhance communications between charitable organizations and influential donors
  • Give donors a reason to want to include you in their giving

Together we will make a difference. We will:

  • Help raise donor contributions for your organization
  • Find more centers of influence to help you grow your donor base
  • Encourage, educate and facilitate centers of influence advocating and referring from their networks

Here are a few questions you’ll want to consider:

  • How do you engage and thank donors?
  • How do you facilitate and support donors, especially centers of influence?
  • Do you have an education program for planned giving?
  • How do you market donor solicitations and profiling your cause?

We’re here to help. Let’s start building a better tomorrow, today.