pdficon_smallNow that you’re in retirement, you’ve experienced some of it. You’ve worked a lifetime, raised a family, built a career, but have you considered and planned for the following questions and answers?

  • What will ‘retirement’ be for me?
  • What ‘legacy’ do I want to leave my children?
  • How can I help ensure my parents age with grace, dignity and comfort?
  • How will I manage the transition from career to retirement?
  • How do I insure my family and my life from the unexpected?
    • Will I have more life than money?
    • Which asset do I use first?

As your Financial Architect, we work with you to define your vision for retirement and help you prepare for it as best you can. We’ll help you plan for the expected and the unexpected transitions that you’ll face in retirement.

We ask the hard questions, questions that will get you thinking about the important things in your life; your dreams, values and goals. We’ll help you discover and define what retirement means to you. Regretfully, few financial professionals ask the hard questions, few commit to a comprehensive client centered process.

With proper planning, we’ll help ensure.

  • your lifestyle is insured
  • you and your parents age with dignity and grace
  • you utilize assets in an efficient manner
  • you create a living and lasting legacy that will live on with your kids and community
  • your wishes are properly documented
  • you will know which assets to use first